Staff Profile

Catherine Foster
Coordinator of Special Education

My name is Catherine Foster and I am excited  to be joining the CoCoSPA team. I'm originally from New York and have been working in education for many years. I started on the office side with Teach for America, then got my Master's in Education and Social Policy from Northwestern and began teaching first grade in Chicago eventually getting my National Board Certification. I moved out to California and started with a charter network called Aspire Public Schools. I was a Data Analyst as well as an Instructional Coach and got my Masters in Administration before ending on the business side doing Communications and Development.

I went to Rocketship as an Assistant Principal at Rocketship Futuro in Concord and moved into being a Lead Specialist in Special Education working with mostly upper grade students. I've always loved figuring out what helps children learn best and collaborating with teachers to differentiate instruction. I also believe it's important to build relationships with families and make sure they feel supported and heard.

Lastly, I'm a mom of three teenage children and have been inspired by navigating this time of their life with them. I look forward to gaining more experience and building relationships with the students, families and staff at SPA.