Staff Profile

Brianna Shahvar
Instructional Coach

Brianna Shahvar is very excited to be joining the CoCoSPA family as an Instructional Coach where she will be supporting teachers in developing excellent classroom practice.   She believes that innovation, dialogue and experience are at the core of a strong classroom and art schools create some of the best environments for students to thrive. 

Brianna had her first art school experience from 4th-8th grade in the instrumental music program at APAC in Jackson, Mississippi.  She's been a fan of art schools ever since.   She graduated from Brown University with a BA in Africana Studies and a social studies teaching credential.  Brianna then moved to Oakland and taught in the Literary Arts program and the history department at Oakland School for the Arts. She eventually chaired the Literary Arts emphasis at OSA.

Brianna participated in the Principals Leadership Institute at UC Berkeley where she received her Masters in Education and California administrative credential.  She served as the High School Academic Principal at OSA for 5 years and earned her clear administrative credential.   

After having her first child, she decided to take on a part time role and became an Instructional Coach and Pathway Coordinator for elective teachers at Lighthouse Community Charter School in Oakland.   

As a Contra Costa resident, she is thrilled to be able to continue in a part time role, re-join the art school world and become part of the wonderful community at CoCoSPA!