Staff Profile

Karissa Pivirotto-Britton
Karissa Pivirotto-Britton
School Psychologist

Ms. Pivirotto-Britton (Ms. P) is excited to join the CoCoSPA team! She previously worked in the Oakley Elementary School District where she supported students in a wide range of specialized programs in preschool through 8th grade. She loves being a school psychologist because it gives her the opportunity to support and advocate for students throughout their educational and personal journeys, and help them develop the tools they need to succeed as they go out into the world.

Ms. P began singing at an early age and understands the importance of an arts education. In high school, she enrolled in a public charter school in order to focus on pursuing her dream of singing professionally. Among other musical endeavors, she won several competitions for young artists around the Central Valley and performed a number of different roles in regional musical theater productions while attending graduate school.

Ms. P earned her B.A. in Music Performance from CSU East Bay in 2012 before going on to earn her M.S. in School Psychology from National University in 2015. In her spare time Ms. P likes to perform and record music both by herself and with her partner. She also loves baking and cooking, listening to music and podcasts, and spending time with her pets.