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Hillary Peters is excited to be teaching a variety of histories this year at Contra Costa School of Performing Arts. She had always wanted to become a teacher, and fulfilled that dream with the Teachers for Tomorrow program through Saint Mary's College of California, earning her BA in Civic Studies with a minor in history, her Multiple Subjects teaching credential, and her Masters in Education. She strongly believes in the seminar style discussion used throughout Saint Mary's and hopes to integrate it into her teaching as much as possible. History was her favorite subject in school, which accounts for the minor. Her goal is to reach out to students to help them enjoy learning the story of people and answer the question, "Why do we study this"? Though only nervously dabbling in the performing arts herself for a short while, Hillary has always been an avid supporter of those who participate and work in the performing arts. She loves attending student events to show her support and appreciates the awesome work they do. Knowing that Contra Costa School of Performing Arts allows for students to grow in more ways than just academics is something that is very important to Hillary. She is very happy to be teaching in a school that values the growth of a person in all aspects of their life.