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School Tours

Video Tours:

Our catalog of presentations and links are still available. Click the links below to access.

Topic Presentation link Video link
Tour #1: Facility Link Link
Tour #2: Arts Link Link
Tour #3: Academics Link Link
Tour #4: PLP Link Link
Tour #5: Graduate Profile Link  
Tour #6: Artist-Scholar Credo Link Link
Tour #7: A Day in the Life of a SPA Student   Link


Student-to-Student Chat

15 min Zoom chats (admin arranged) with a student of the same grade level (or one grade higher) and major

Potential questions to ask SPA students:

  • What classes do you take?

  • What do you do in your arts class?

  • How does Community meeting and mentoring work?

  • What makes SPA different from other schools?

If interested in a Student-to-Student chat, contact Lisa Kingsbury at