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Mission/Vision Statement



The mission of Contra Costa School of Performing Arts is to provide a distinguished, pre-professional experience in performing arts within a college and career preparatory setting. We believe in fostering a culture of excellence with the core values of rigor, relevance, resilience and relationships.


  • SPA will offer quality instruction focusing on real world connections and an engaging, coherent, and rigorous arts-integrated curriculum in every classroom to facilitate student learning, achievement, and college and career readiness; 
  • SPA will embrace and practice a personalized approach to teaching and learning, using the most innovative and transformative tools in educational technology to individualize learning for all students;
  • SPA will be a beacon of creative excellence, attracting dynamic and motivated student talent, and enriching the cultural and civic life of the region;
  • SPA will foster a heightened sense of civic responsibility through a comprehensive character education program focusing on the guiding principles of first-class citizenship;
  • SPA will employ a positive, professional, and productive educational team that will embrace a culture of collaboration, innovation, evolution, and students' first decision-making.