Vanessa Townsend-Crosby

Vanessa has been involved in charter schools nearly her entire life. From her beginnings as a student to her current professional affiliations, she has always been appreciative of the unique opportunity for children to study what they are passionate about and knows from her own experience this is something that charter schools are uniquely able to provide.  Vanessa graduated High School from a Charter school. Her passion and commitment to the arts brought her to the California College of Art, where she earned Bachelors of Fine Arts with a focus in Jewelry/Metal Art.  She spent her post-college career committed to bringing comprehensive arts education to students as a fine arts/art history instructor, then later brought her unique and varied talents to the administrative sphere as an Office Manager at a charter school in the bay area.  She likes to think of herself as living proof of the success of an arts integrated learning model and could not be happier to be involved with an organization that models these beliefs so entirely.