Physical Education

Middle School Physical Education Course

Mind and Body (6th grade)

The primary goal of the course is to introduce first year students to life at SPA, promote a smooth transition to middle school, and to help students develop a coherent plan for their education. Upon completion of the course, students should have a greater understanding of their responsibilities as a student and role as citizens in the SPA community. This course will give students the necessary skills for maximizing the academic performance, as well as an appreciation for the relevance and importance of education.

High School Physical Education Course

Heath and Wellness (9th grade)

A required course for all 9th graders. An orientation and introduction to high school physical education, wellness and health. Students are provided with content and opportunities to enable them as individuals and as members of society, to make informed decisions, evaluate and modify behaviors, and increase health literacy. The course topics include: Personal and Community Health, Nutrition and Physical Activity, Mental, Emotional, and Social Health, Alcohol, Tobacco, and other drugs, Injury Prevention and safety, Growth, Development, and Comprehensive Sexual Health Education. Activities will align with the State Standards and Framework in both physical fitness and health. This course will include the State Fitness Exam in the spring.