World Languages

High School World Language Courses

Spanish I

This course is an introduction to the four basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.  Students will learn cultural information about the Spanish-speaking world.

Spanish II

A continuation of the course of study of the Spanish language and of the associated cultures started in Spanish I. Spanish II is designed to develop the students' speaking and writing skills to a greater extent, to reinforce correct pronunciation and intonation, and to improve listening and reading comprehension. The grammatical study of the language will also be increased. Prerequisite:  C or better in Spanish I

Spanish III

Continuation of basic grammar. Fundamentals are presented in the form of moderately long reading passages and emphasis is placed on reading and writing. Conversing in the Spanish language becomes imperative and there are more advanced cultural readings. Prerequisite:  C or better in Spanish II

Spanish IV

Emphasis of this class is Spanish for literature and communication. Students will develop speaking skills through oral presentations and class discussions on various topics. Throughout the year students will read works of Spanish and Latin American authors. Composition and literature assignments will provide the opportunity to review grammar. The class is conducted completely in Spanish. Enthusiasm for Spanish is a must. Prerequisite: C or better in Spanish III

AP Spanish Laguage and Culture

This is an intensive course designed to prepare students for the AP Spanish test in May.  Students will read from more complex materials: short stories, novels, poetry excerpts and other literature.  Basic skills are reinforced through the reading with an emphasis on speaking.  By the year’s end, the students will be able to understand the spoken language, be able to read and understand literary excerpts, and be able to carry on advanced conversations with few grammatical errors.  Summer homework may be required. Prerequisite: Completion of Spanish IV with a “B” or better and/or Teacher Recommendation