Annual Fund

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August 12, 2020


Dear SPA Families,


Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!  Nearly five months ago to the day, the world of public education in our community turned upside down.  We have been through much since then and school and life in general has certainly been more challenging, but I am constantly reminded by our stakeholders of the strength, resilience, and empathy that is so much a part of our school culture.  Yes, this year is going to be different, but I am still thrilled to begin, in partnership with all of you.


As you likely understand, the health of the State and federal economy is directly linked to that of public schools.  SPA, like many other educational institutions, will be fiscally impacted by this pandemic induced recession.  It is also clear that each individual family is currently navigating their own hardships, economic and otherwise.  I trust that you will not hesitate to reach out to SPA if you need help of any kind.  That is part of our role in this community and what binds us together as members of the SPA family. 


The purpose of this letter is to make an ask of you.  Each year we request that all SPA families contribute to the Annual Fund.  This year we are asking for $450 dollars per student (or $45 per month of school).  This money will help bridge the gap between the state and federal funds the school receives and the actual costs of our programming.  We rely heavily on the generosity of our families to provide this levy.  As a public charter school, Contra Costa School of Performing Arts is tuition free, but donation dependent.  No student is denied enrollment or access based on financial capacity, but without the combined support of our families, community members, and other philanthropic partners we could not possibly offer robust arts conservatory programming for SPA students. 


Most importantly, we aim for 100% participation despite your level of giving.  If you can give more, please do.  If you can’t, give what you can.  If you want to spread out your gift with a payment plan, we encourage this approach and accommodate it on our giving platform.  To make your donation, you can go onto our website ( and click the “Giving” button on the home page.  Alternatively, you are welcome to write a check and mail it into the school (please put Annual Fund in the memo).


Thank you in advance for your willingness to commit to our school and your student’s education.  All donations to SPA are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.


With Sincere Gratitude,

Neil McChesney

Executive Director