Learning tours

SPA Learning Tours

This Fall, SPA will be re-launching Learning Tours for current families.  Learning Tours will be limited in size and provide parents an intimate space to get together, a forum to learn more about the student experience, and a place to ask questions and get information. 

During the Learning Tour, parents will:

  • Get an overview of the curriculum at SPA

  • Visit 3-4 classrooms to see the platform and curriculum in process

  • Have an opportunity to ask questions and share part of their experience

  • Discuss the role of mentors, teachers, students and parents 

  • Get information on any school news or updates


Our hope is that when parents leave the Learning Tour, they will feel more connected to their student’s school, more informed about the academic experience at SPA and feel more confident that their student will learn the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in college and career.


Below is the schedule for Learning Tours for the first semester:

  • Tuesday September 10, 2019 @1:30pm (link)

  • Tuesday October 8, 2019 @1:30pm (link)

  • Tuesday November 12, 2019 @1:30pm (link)

  • Tuesday December 10, 2019 @1:30pm (link)

  • Tuesday January 14, 2020 @1:30pm (link)

  • Tuesday February 11, 2020 @1:30pm (link)

  • Tuesday March 17, 2020 @1:30pm (link)

  • Tuesday April 14, 2020 @1:30pm (link)


To sign up, please follow the Eventbrite links– you can also find the link on our website under Parent Resources.