Production and Design

Table of Contents: 
I. Overview                                               
II. Classes 2017-2018 and Descriptions
III. After School Opportunities                
IV. Current Calendar                                          



I. Overview

Student Production and Design majors will experience a program of study intended to prepare them for production and design or theatre business management majors in college in addition to pre-professional training for a career in design, technology, or management in the entertainment industry. SPA’s Production and Design majors will graduate critically engaged and technologically sophisticated students in the fields of scenery, costumes, stage and theatre business management, lighting, and sound, and more!

II. Classes 2017-2018 and Descriptions


Middle School

Level I Level II

2D/3D Design

3D Design/
Technical Drawing


2D/3D Design: Students will be able to produce 2D and 3D projects over the course of this class. The class is broken up into 2D Design, Figure Drawing and Comic/Cartoon Design, and 3D Design, Stop motion and Claymation. They will produce several projects during the year and participate in a bi-yearly art show with the high school Art Techniques class.
3D Design/Technical Drawing: Students will spend the beginning of this class increasing their understanding of musicals, straight plays, and movies. This will transition them into producing their own design work for each element. The class will focus on techniques of design and creation within both live theater and movie production.

High School

Level I Level II Level III Level IV
Art History Art Techniques Stage Management and Directing* Artist as Entrepreneur & Internship*

Stagecraft I, II, III*

Senior Seminar*


Art History: Students will be introduced to great works of art throughout history to gain a greater understanding of the people, and the historical context that inspired them. Students will be able to identify specific pieces, movements, and motifs throughout history. The breadth of this course encompasses art from prehistoric to contemporary eras.
Stagecraft I: Students will be able to identify terminology, tools, and procedures used in basic technical applications within a theater production. Students will create artwork for campus events and productions, as well as complete in class projects. Simple hand tools, basic power tool use, and safety practices will be prominently discussed before the use of application in any project. 

Art Techniques: Students will learn to use different techniques in drawing, sculpting, filming, paints, and other visual mediums. They will then apply these techniques to both visual and performing arts throughout the year, in addition to two art shows for the community. 
Stagecraft II: Students will continue to learn the terminology, tools, and procedures used in advanced technical applications of theater production. Students will create pieces for campus events and productions as well as in class projects. Projects will be larger and more intricate than Stagecraft I and heavily depend on lessons from Stagecraft I.

Stage Management & Directing* (Not offered until 2018-2019): SStudents will learn management of theater, from the rehearsal room to performance. The communication, temperament, and diplomacy required to keep the production on course will be explored; additionally, students will learn how to anticipate needs and facilitate communication in the creative process. They will also get an introduction to directing, dramaturgy, marketing, and production.
Stagecraft III*(Not offered until 2018-2019): This course is an in-depth exploration of set, costumes, lighting, sound, and projection design projects. Students will do in depth analysis, create communication documents, and design presentations. Students may either work in multiple disciples or work on projects from a single idiom (all costume design, set design, etc.) for monthly project design and execution.

Artist as Entrepreneur & Internship*(Not offered until 2019-2020): Students will produce resumes, audition ready material, and portfolios. They will work on having a web presence and other important parts of how artists launch and maintain their careers. Students will be prepared with advice and direction on how to cultivate a professional image and ethic. They will get practice in applying for jobs, interviews, and how to support yourself as an artist. This class will also feature an internship in students are placed in technical support assignments with local theater professionals.
Senior Seminar*(Not offered until 2019-2020): Students in this class will be responsible for producing several small productions within class. The focus will be on student guided performances and projects. This will be a performance based class happening concurrently with other majors to produce class wide productions.

III. After School Opportunities
Big River Crew

 Production and Design 
Student Council

Afterschool Play/Musical
 Production and Design Crew 


Production and Design Student Council: Below is the application and infomation for P&D Student Council. This is a group of students who mantain the storage, donation, fundrasing, and several other areas for the Production and Design Program. These positions are help for the whole 2017-2018 school year and are seperate from any Afterschool P&D Crew Positions. 
Production and Design Description/Application

Afterschool Play/Musical Production and Design Crew: Below are the application and infomation about crew positions and expectations. Crew applications for the Fall Play (2017-2018) will be accepted July 1st to August 31st. If you are interested in a crew head, stage management, or assistant position please apply before August 31st. 
Crew Job Descriptions
Crew Application



 Star Wars Club 

 Film/Photography/Videography Club 


Star Wars Club: Text
Film/Photograhy/Videography Club: Text


IV. Current Calendar