Dance Arts Page

Dancer 2

Students majoring in Dance will realize a classical approach to training, with Ballet serving as the foundation of this highly disciplined and structured major. In addition, students will be exposed to several Dance styles including: modern, contemporary, jazz, world dance and dance for Musical Theatre. Dance students will also learn about the history of Dance and its influence on culture and arts throughout history.  Before students graduate from the Dance major, students will refine and complete artistic work, convey meaning through the presentation of artistic work, synthesize and relate knowledge and personal experiences to make art, and understand and evaluate how dance conveys meaning.

Middle School dance courses include:
  • Ballet
  • Reperatory
  • Contemporary
  • Dance History
  • World and Cultural Dance
  • Conditioning
  • Hip Hop
  • Modern Choreography 
  • Dance and Social Change

High School Dance Major Progression

Year 1

  • DAN 100: Ballet I  
  • DAN 101: History and Appreciation of Dance
  • DAN 102: World Dance and Culture                                                        
  • DAN 103: Repertory 
  • DAN 104: Contemporary 

Year 2

  • DAN 200: Ballet II
  • DAN 201: Modern 
  • DAN 202: Contemporary and Improvisation 
  • DAN 204: Conditioning                                                  

Year 3

  • DAN 300: Ballet III
  • DAN 301: Dance and Social Change
  • DAN 302: Composition/The Creative Process
  • DAN 303: Dance and Choreography for the Stage
  • DAN 304: Speaking of Dance

Year 4

  • DAN 400: Ballet
  • DAN 401: Modern
  • SPA ARTS 500: Senior Thesis
  • SPA ARTS 501: The Artist as Entrepreneur